A Guide to Sneaky Engagement Ring Shopping

So, you've decided to pop the question! Congratulations! But before you get down on one knee, there's the hurdle of finding the perfect ring—and sometimes, that means keeping it a surprise. Here's a guide to navigating the world of sneaky engagement ring shopping, ensuring a smooth (and hopefully tearful-in-a-good-way) surprise proposal.

Operation Intel Gathering:

  • Be a Jewelry Box Sherlock: This is your first stop. Subtly peek into her jewelry box, or just be on the look out for what she already wears. Look for styles she gravitates towards, metal preferences (silver, gold, rose gold), and gemstone favorites. You may be able to sneakily get a ring size based off of jewelry she already wears. (We have more tips for that as well!)
  • Recruit the A-Team: enlist the help of trusted friends and family. They might have intel on her dream ring or past hints she's dropped.

Going Incognito: Ring Shopping Spy Tactics:

  • Wait for the right time: Plan a solo mission while she's busy, or take a long lunch. This allows for uninterrupted browsing and consultations with jewelers. Just remember to turn off your location if she's prone to checking in! Even if you're in a rush, just let us know ahead of time! We can have rings and diamonds lined up and ready to look at. With a little planning we can often get you in and out in 15 minutes or less.
  • The Online Operative: The internet is your friend! Browse our website at odd hours when she's likely asleep. Almost all of our in-store inventory is available online as well. We also offer a webchat service that connects you via text to one of our sales associates.
  • The "Just Browsing" Bluff: Head to a jewelry store together, casually browsing rings while subtly gauging her reactions. Tell her you're "just looking" for a friend (a believable friend, of course). If she's the suspicious type, go for dinner and drinks at Braxton or Greyhound Tavern first. Alternatively, send her in with a friend for permanent bracelets. We're always happy to initiate a bridal try-on session with some heads up!

Keeping the Secret Safe:

  • Leave it to us: We are more than happy to keep your purchase safe at the store until you're ready to propose. That way prying eyes can't find it!
  • Discreet Communication: Want to be contacted strictly by text or email? Certain hours work better for you than others? We're happy to accommodate.
  • The Digital Detox: Avoid leaving any online shopping trails. Clear your browser history and browsing data to keep your undercover operation hidden.
  • Payment Options: Worried about your SO seeing a charge they don't recognize? We offer same as cash financing that can be paid off early with no extra fees. 

The Grand Finale: The Proposal:

Once you have the perfect ring, plan a romantic and memorable proposal. The element of surprise can be just as important as the ring itself.

Bonus Tip: While a surprise proposal can be romantic, consider having a conversation with your partner about their ideal ring and proposal. Open communication can lead to a more meaningful "yes!"

Remember, this guide is meant to be a fun and helpful starting point. The most important thing is planning a proposal that reflects your love and commitment!