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To understand Herzog Jewelers today, it's important to take a look at Herzog Jewelers from the beginning.

Let's go back to 1922, when phones had been around for less than 50 years and flappers were bobbing their hair. In that year, our founder, Elmer T. Herzog, opened up a small jewelry store at 806 Madison Avenue in Covington, Kentucky. While working long hours serving his customers (something we can all relate to even today), he earned a reputation as a solid community member and trustworthy jeweler. And to think, he did all of this without a smart phone, call waiting or a laptop!

Fast-forward to 1980, when cell phones were the size of infants and hair was even bigger. It was in this year that Elmer retired and his son-in-law, Joseph Koester, Jr., took over.

Combining old-fashioned customer service with modern conveniences, Joe continued to build the business into what you see today.

Eventually, a good thing became even greater-and Herzog Jewelers needed a new larger home to accommodate both the repeat customers and newer, younger clients. Herzog Jewelers made the move from Covington to Fort Mitchell, Kentucky in November 1982. The larger showroom allowed Herzog to offer a larger selection to keep up with the most current styles and trends in addition to offering classic pieces.

After the big move, Herzog Jewelers joined the American Gem Society (AGS), an association dedicated to business ethics and professionalism. Wanting to keep up on the industry to better help his customers, Joe became a Graduated Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and a Certified Gemologist from the AGS. Additionally, Joe became a Master Jeweler with the Independent Jewelers Organization (IJO), the largest jewelry buying organization in the world. We also joined the buying group Retail Jewelers Organization (RJO) to help us stay on top of the continuing trends and education that is need to stay in the for front of our industry.

Bringing a third generation into the business, Ted Koester joined his father in 1996 when he too earned his certificates as a Graduated Gemologist (GIA) and a Certified Gemologist (AGS). Today, Ted and his father carry on the same standards Elmer T. Herzog set more than 99 years ago-with a few modern updates-leading many young couples in the area to discover the same Herzog Jewelers their parents and grandparents have appreciated over the years. They continue to build their business on the core principle belief that to succeed in anything in life, you must be honest, straight forward and passionate. These simple ideas have kept them as leader in their communities for the last 99 years.

In June of 2021, Ted took the bold move of opening up a brand new, modern store directly across the street from its previous location. The move was to gain more expire and transform the look of the past. The new store has been very bright, modern and current.


We have a fantastic collection of jewelry designs to suit even the pickiest taste. The inspiration for our jewelry designs comes from you, our customers, as well as the latest trends and jewelry trade shows that we attend to source the most current jewelry products from across the globe. Our spectacular selection of jewelry is available with a variety of high quality diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tanzanite, pearls, aquamarine and other semi-precious gemstones. We have a stunning collection of gold and silver jewelry, as well as many fine watch brands to provide you with a wide range of choice for every occasion and budget.

Always competitively priced, Herzog Jewelers is committed to being your vital link to the world of beautiful jewelry! We go by the idea that we don't want to be the biggest in the industry, only the best, and our selection and staff emphasis that fact.


Our Promise at Herzog Jewelers is to provide our customers with a shopping experience that will exceed their expectations of our store, our merchandise and our service.

Herzog Jewelers will accomplish this by:

• Providing you with exceptional attention with every visit to our store.

• Helping you celebrate your life's special occasions.

• Providing superior value in terms of merchandise quality, price, selection and satisfaction.

• A commitment to conduct ourselves with integrity and exceed our customer's expectations in every facet of our business.


Herzog Jewelers guarantees you full satisfaction and value for your money. We are obsessive about quality. We deal with the finest manufacturers across the globe that follow the highest standards of workmanship. We inspect every piece of jewelry and makes sure it follows our strict internal standards of quality control. Our approach makes it possible to offer our customer ultimate satisfaction from every perspective, be it precious metal casting, stone setting, polishing, finishing, style & designs or before & after sales services. No question is too insignificant. You will receive personalized service and you can expect our strict attention to every detail.

We personally select each piece of jewelry, diamonds and gemstones in our cases. Since we sell only what we ourselves carefully selected and inspected, we have unrivalled quality control. At our store you can compare different pieces side by side, see, feel and appreciate the difference quality makes.

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Our Promise at Herzog Jewelers is to provide our customers with a shopping experience that will exceed their expectations of our store, our merchandise and our service.

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