How to Secretly get a Ring Size

A quick Google search tells you the way to find someone's ring size is by tying a string around their finger and taking that string to the jeweler. A quick trip to the jewelry store will tell you this is a terribly inaccurate way to guess a ring size!

Ideally, you are always welcome to stop in for a complimentary sizing. However, we know sometimes that would ruin the surprise! Here are some tips on getting an accurate ring size on the down-low.

Check their Jewelry Box

Does your partner wear a ring already? If you can get it away from them, bring it in for us to check the size. If we know what finger they wear it on, it's fairly easy to get an estimate of what size you'll need. Keep in mind that different fingers need different sizes, even from hand to hand. This method will get you close!

Jewelry Store Date

Going out for dinner? May we recommend Greyhound Tavern, Camporrosso, Braxton's Taco Truck, or Jersey Mikes? Any of those are within walking distance of our store, making it easy for an  "impromptu" trip in to try a few things on. Not quite your style to walk into a jewelry store unannounced? Have a friend bring her in! We can be as inconspicuous as you need- just give us a call in advance or set up a No-Pressure Consult to let us know you'd like us to sneakily get her size.

Craft Jewelry Aisle

Next time you're in Michaels or Jo-Ann, find the jewelry aisle. They typically have a set of ring sizers in stock that will give you an accurate sizing. You want a little bit of friction when sliding the ring on and off, but not so much that it gets stuck. For a great cover up on why you're there in the first place, tell her that you can use ring sizers to measure drill bits.

Try on a Friend's Ring

If an engaged or married friend or family member is okay with it, see if their ring fits your partner. If so, simply get the ring size of the ring they tried on and ta-da! you know their size. If it's just a little big or a little small, we can still get close based on the original size. 

Things to Avoid

As mentioned, the string trick doesn't work so well. Also on the "Not Reliable" list are printable size guides, measuring an existing ring, and tracing her hand. These methods don't take into consideration the thickness of a ring, and often lead to the ring being too small. Other features of individual rings can impact the size you need, which is why we recommend getting a jewelers opinion when possible. If you are interested in an eternity or alternative metal band, you must know the correct size when ordering the band as they cannot be sized. 

Other Helpful Tips

The most common ring sizes for women fall between 5-8, with a 6.5 being considered "standard." We try to default to a 7 if you have no idea what size ring your partner will need. We would rather the ring be too big and still slip over their finger than not big enough! Nothing dampens a proposal like not being able to get the ring on. Don't worry, however: most rings can be properly resized after it has been given to the recipient. 

For men, sizes can vary even more, especially depending on the thickness of the ring. Default is considered a 10.