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More than modification

fully custom jewelry creation

From sketch and sourcing to casting and setting, we cover every step of the process of custom jewelry creation. Whether you have the perfect idea already or need some ideas to get you started, our associates are happy to guide you through the process!

start from scratch

Thinking about a custom engagement setting that you can't find anywhere else? Inherited stones that you're not sure what to do with? Whether you've found a design you like and want to make some modifications or have something totally original in mind, we can help you create something unique for you.


Have a sentimental setting you'd like bring back to it's original glory or turn into something new? Our talented on-site jewelers can repair, restore, or modify heirloom jewelry to make sure your piece is ready to last another lifetime.

stone setting

Already have the perfect stone? We can help you find the perfect setting and set it for you. We have a wide selection of gold and diamond semi mounts that can often be set with your stone in 48 hours or less.



Q: Can you tell me if my heirloom jewelry is worth using or restoring?

A: Yes! We can check the quality of your jewelry and give a recommendation of what we can do to repair or modify it on the spot free of charge. If you have a lot of pieces you would like inspected, please schedule an appointment with us so we can make sure you have our full attention.

Q: Can you melt down my gold and turn it into something new.

A: We do not offer this service and generally advise against it unless the gold is going through a refinement process. Unrefined gold can lead to pitting and quality issues down the road.

Instead, we offer scrap value for old gold. We also offer 20% more in value towards your custom purchase.

Q: Does Custom cost me more?

A: Unlike box jewelers, we do not charge extra customization fees. We offer up to three major CAD changes and unlimited small tweaks by our designers. Keep in mind that