Upcycle with Style!

You hide it in the back of your jewelry drawer or maybe even in your sock drawer. Every time you see it, you think to yourself, “I will never wear that!” Season after season, you drag it out, try it on and even try to make yourself to love it. Even thinking to yourself again, “I can make this work!” but you do not! You are like, nope, not going to happen. You feel guilty about not wearing it because it is special heirloom piece that was handed down to you or was a special gift to mark a moment in your life. You just don’t love the style anymore and it is just not you or vibes with your current lifestyle.

You are not along in these feelings and we have all been down that path. A feeling of guilt shots across your brain and you feel bad for not using it. What should you do with it? Suck it up and wear it! Maybe even sell it just to get rid of it?

What we suggest is to upcycle it with our design team. Upcycling is just like recycling but with a little more fashion and design. Upcycling is a simple process and something we do well here at Herzog Jewelers. You can come in or virtually reach out to us, show us what you have to upcycle and what your vision is for the piece. We can walk you through the process, show you sketches or CADs of what we can do to transform your piece, price it out and make it happen in a matter of days to weeks depending on the scale of work.

Or if you have no clue or what direction you want to take your hidden heirloom in, that is not an issue either. Any of our instore design artists can help listen to what you want and guide you on what options there are to transform the forgotten piece into something you want to wear every day and be seen in. Look, jewelry does no one any good by hiding in a drawer and only seeing the day of light every 12 months or so. Jewelry should breathe and be seen in natural sunlight.

Jewelry conveys emotions and every piece you own has a with a story tied to it. It may mark a birth of a child, a job promotion or even a long-lost family member. Let us help reuse and upcycle your emotional story and repurpose it so you can enjoy and wear it with pride and love.

Here is what Heidi said about a ring that she had owned but did not want to wear anymore:

“I wanted to turn this dated ring style into something more interesting for everyday wear. A necklace with geometric shapes completely transforms the piece but still showcases all the diamonds. I converted to yellow gold because the contrast is pretty with the diamonds, but I think this piece would do well in white, yellow, or rose gold. The matching earrings can be worn as a set with the necklace or separate for anytime sparkle. I love my new piece and wear it with pride and excitement. Everything I see in in the drawer or on my body, it brings a smile to my soul. I no longer feel guilty or sad by not wearing it. The transformation made me fall in love with it all over again. I could not be happier!”