Tyler and Katelyn's Oval Engagement Ring

Katelyn and Tyler knew they wanted to get engaged soon. Katelyn had been gathering inspiration on rings for a while was sure about one thing: that she wanted a large oval to be the centerpiece of her ring. 

Unfortunately, Katelyn wasn't so sure about what the setting of her ring should look like. She came in a few times to look at different styles and gather ideas, but nothing on the show floor felt like "the one".

Our observant sales floor manager Mandy realized she would need to think outside the box for Katelyn, who wanted something simple but not dainty, classic but with a little extra sparkle. She pulled a vintage-inspired band from the case and help up a stone to the center, and watched as Katelyn's eyes lit up.


A wedding band with alternating round diamonds and marquise diamond clusters with vintage inspired millgrain beadwork on the edges


It was easy from here! Mandy reached out to Tyler to let him know she knew what ring Katelyn wanted. She curated a selection of stones for Tyler to choose from, and presented the idea with pricing. Upon choosing a stone and deciding on a budget, we got to work building the ring. The finished piece is absolutely stunning!

Oval Center vintage millgrain engagement ring pictured in a bouquet of warm colored flowers
Tyler shared his thoughts with us about working with Mandy:
I stepped into Herzog with an idea in mind of what I wanted to buy to propose to my girlfriend at the time, but I was completely clueless on how to buy any jewelry, especially a ring of this caliber. Luckily for me, Mandy was there that day and immediately got to work on helping us understand our options. She listened diligently to what my girlfriend said she liked as we browsed that day. She discretely contacted me the next day and had me come back in to further discuss. Together, she and I built the custom ring of my girlfriend’s dreams. She made the process simple yet exciting. The Herzog team held onto the ring for me for a few months until I planned the perfect proposal. It went off without a hitch and the ring took my new fiancé, all our family and all our friends by surprise. To say they were impressed is an understatement. We received endless compliments on the ring. Over the next year, we planned our wedding and Mandy was right there with us. She assisted us not only with our wedding bands, but also with gifts for our families, bridal party and new watches. I didn’t realize just how much you need a trusted jeweler and rep in your corner, but it made all the difference. We are so thankful to Herzog and Mandy. Trust me when I say, you need this team in your corner, especially if you’re planning a wedding. On November 25th, 2022, I married the love of my life, and it all started with a trip to a jewelry store. I’m so glad we picked the best in town!
We are so honored that Katelyn and Tyler trusted us to build this symbol of their love and we wish them a lifetime of happiness!
Recently married Kate and Tyler