Jacob and Katie's Asymmetric Custom Ring

When Jacob came in to Herzog to browse rings, he truly came to browse. He knew he wanted Yellow Gold and he knew he wanted an oval center stone for his partner, Katie, but that was about all!

He worked with Taylor, looking at various ring styles. He didn't love any of the classics- the solitaire, the three stone, and a traditional halo were all pretty quickly ruled out. There was one ring in the case that caught his eye:

This ultra-unique starburst halo was the first ring Jacob saw that really made him light up. Thinking quickly, Taylor remembered there had been another ring that had recently come in and hadn't even been checked into inventory yet that had an even more unique halo, and wasn't even a traditional engagement ring. After discussing how much he liked how different the starburst was from other rings they had looked at, she knew she had to at least show it to him. It was this asymmetrical scatter ruby halo ring:
Jacob fell in love with the asymmetry of the ring. There were components of the starburst ring he liked, like the simple band and basket setting, plus his own touches he wanted to include, like making sure it had an oval center. After taking down some notes about Jacob's dream ring, Taylor began working with our custom jeweler to work out the perfect ring and get a CAD rendering for Jacob to see. 
The first CAD image Jacob saw was close, but not perfect. Taylor presented both the CAD and a few choice ovals to Jacob. While Taylor and Jacob both agreed that the undercarriage and band were exactly what Jacob was looking for, the halo left a little to be desired. The scatter stone was the effect Jacob loved, but the exaggerated asymmetry created a jagged profile around the edge. Taylor's concern from a technical standpoint was that these stones might catch and end up causing loose stones. Jacob thought the halo looked incomplete, with a few gaps larger than others. 
Taylor returned to the jeweler with her notes, and he made a few small changes that brought the whole ring together. The second CAD was perfect!
Once the design was approved and the stone chosen, our jeweler got to work creating a mold and casting the ring. Once the ring was cast, stones were set and the ring finished. Jacob was thrilled with the final result, as was Katie when he proposed!
Congratulations to Jacob and Katie on their upcoming wedding! Wishing you a lifetime of love from your friends at Herzog.