FAQ: How are rings sized?

Need a ring sized? We specialize in gold, silver, and platinum ring sizing. Keep in mind that some rings, like eternity bands or intricate styles, may require special care or may not be able to be sized at all. We are always happy to provide an estimate free of charge if you want to know what it would cost to size a ring!

Ring sizing is an intricate craft that demands precision, expertise, and an intimate understanding of jewelry's delicate nature. Whether you're looking to size a ring up or down for a comfortable fit, skilled jewelers employ a range of techniques to ensure the process is seamless and the outcome is nothing short of exceptional. 

1. Sizing Up

Enlarging a ring while maintaining its original beauty requires meticulous execution. Expert jewelers assess the ring's composition, materials, and design intricacies before deciding on the most appropriate method. A common technique involves carefully cutting the back of the ring's shank, followed by the addition of a precisely measured section of metal. This added metal is skillfully blended with the existing structure through a process of soldering, creating a seamless and durable bond. The final touch involves impeccable polishing to ensure the resized ring radiates the same luster and allure as before.

2. Sizing Down

Sizing down a ring requires an even higher level of precision, as intricate details and gemstone settings must be flawlessly preserved. Similarly to sizing up, jewelers typically removing a calculated segment of the shank from the back of the ring. The two ends are then deftly rejoined through soldering, resulting in a ring that appears untouched by resizing. This intricate process demands a steady hand, profound expertise, and an unwavering commitment to maintaining the ring's original design and structural integrity.

3. Gems and More: Special Considerations

Jewelers understand that each ring is unique, and certain designs require specialized attention during resizing. Eternity bands, for example, demand extra care to ensure a seamless pattern even after alteration. Rings adorned with gemstones require delicate handling, with stones often removed prior to sizing and then securely reset afterwards. The expert touch of a skilled jeweler ensures that the ring's aesthetic and gemstone's brilliance remain uncompromised.

4. The Virtuosity of Experience

Entrusting your cherished rings to experienced jewelers is paramount. A seasoned professional possesses a deep reservoir of knowledge acquired through years of practice and a genuine passion for the art of jewelry resizing. Expert jewelers not only employ precise techniques but also rely on their discerning eye to assess the ring's overall harmony and visual appeal, ensuring a result that exceeds expectations.

Ring sizing, whether up or down, is a transformational process that embodies the essence of masterful craftsmanship. Seasoned jewelers wield their skills to seamlessly manipulate metal, honor design intricacies, and preserve the soul of each piece. As you consider resizing your precious rings, remember that behind the scenes lies a world of expertise, dedication, and artistry, waiting to transform your jewelry into a perfect, personalized fit that stands the test of time.