Paying for Jewelry

One of the most common questions we get asked when helping first time or even experienced jewelry buyers is "how do I pay for this?" There are more options than you may realize! Any combination of the following payment methods can be used. No matter what option you choose, pricing stays the same.

First and most commonly, you can pay for it just like you would any other purchase. Once you place your order or pick out a piece from the show floor that you like you can pay using cash, check, or credit. We know keeping your purchase a secret might be difficult, which is why we also honor some other types of payment, like Venmo, Paypal, and other transfers. When using a credit or bank card we recommend giving your bank a call before we run the card. Even with smaller purchases or service charges, many banks will flag cards that are being used at a jewelry store and you may be declined without first verifying that you are trying to make a purchase. 

Many customers, especially those shopping for engagement rings, also choose to take advantage of our financing programs to fully or partially fund their purchase. Financing can be applied to any purchase or service, including custom jewelry and repairs. You can use this link to find out what you prequalify for with no impact to your credit and at no cost to you! This is a super useful tool when trying to decide on a budget. When you're ready to buy, we can walk you through the process of applying for credit.

Finally, if you prefer shopping online and have established accounts, we offer both Affirm and Shop Pay in addition to Google Pay, Meta Pay, and Apple Pay. 

Have a question about payments or financing? Don't hesitate to ask!  All purchases are unique, and we're happy to accommodate where we can.