Diamond Basics: Shapes

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Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes

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Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes. The shape of the diamond is where most couples start their engagement ring journey. Shape refers to the actual outline/design that the cutter crafted the diamond into by sculpting the rough diamond into its finished shape.

Shapes can also affect how the diamond performs and appears to the viewer. One shape is not better than another. Diamonds all speak to people in different ways and the shapes of the diamonds help define that. Round brilliant is the most popular of all of the shapes. Any shape other than round is called a fancy shape that includes: Oval, Cushion, Princess, Pear, Emerald, Radiant, Heart


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Round Shape Diamonds:

Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular shape. They are handcrafted with 57 facets that return the most light back to the wearer and make them the most brilliant of all the shapes. They are timeless and never go out of style, while giving the wearer the most light performance.

Oval Cut Diamonds:

The oval shape is an elongated brilliant cut design while still maximizing performance and brilliance. Oval shapes have more of their weight distributed on top of their design, so they appear larger compared to their actual weight. It is a modified brilliant cut like the round, so the shape still performs with light while having its elongated shape.

Cushion Cut Diamonds:

Cushion shapes offer the performance of a round but with a subtle, squared off linear design, almost like a pillow. Its shape is timelessness but with a touch of fun. They offer the appearance of a round with the subtle hint of being square. It is one of the more historic cuts and has been updated over the years with the advancement of cutting technology. It started out as an elongated stone, similar to the oval but over time, cutters have modified the design to evolve it to more of a squared shape with the performance of the round.

Princess Cut Diamonds:

Princess cut diamonds are very popular with their angular square designs that showcase it’s unique brilliance. They have more facets than a round and that help defines its unique beauty. It was created in the 1980s as an alternative to the round and has been a favorite shape ever since.

Pear Cut Diamonds:

Pear cut diamonds offer the length of a fancy but with its soft, subtle curve appeal. They have smooth lines that make them stand out in an elegant, unique way. They are a combination of a marquise’s length but the touch of a round brilliant. Some people refer to it as a tear drop shape and the cut offer a shape for someone that was a longer stone but still a curve shape to the design.

Emerald Cut Diamonds:

Emerald cuts are a historic step cut shape with its long lines and angled corners. It is very striking with its concentric faceting and a prism of tiny mirrors inside of the stone. Emerald cuts  are a very transparent stone withs their larger tables compared to other fancy shapes. For that reason, an emerald cut needs to start with a higher clarity compared to other fancies so you do not see any incisions. Usually, the starting point for a clarity grade in an emerald is a VS1 or above due to is faceting. 

Radiant Cut Diamond:

Radiant shapes amplify the length of an emerald cut but with brilliance of a round. The shape is a hybrid of a fancy and round without sacrificing the brilliance. Radiants differ from the princess cut with their linear length, cut angled corners and facet pattern. Radiants are truly stunning!

Marquise Cut Diamonds: 

The marquise, another modified brilliant cut,  is known for its long and narrow point. For this reason, similar to the  oval, the marquise looks larger in appearance to its actually weight. So it appears larger than it actually is. Similar to the emerald-cut and oval, a marquise diamond makes the person’s hands and fingers look longer and thinner.

Hearts Cut Diamonds:

Hearts are unique and express the symbol of love  This cut is appears smaller in size compared to its weight because majority of its diamond weight is on the pavilion , and not on the top.