Keeping the shine

Keeping the shine

Keeping the shine

Did you know that you should think about sprucing up your wedding rings once yearly? It is a simple and inexpensive way of restoring your rings back to how beautiful and shiny they were at the time they were given.

I recently had a customer come in wearing her diamond engagement ring and diamond eternity band and although the stones were quite large and impressive, she needed to get them rhodium dipped. When I suggested this, she had no idea what I was referring to and I told her that if she leaves them and is ok to pay $35 per ring, they will come back looking brand new. She excitedly said, sure! Just to explain the process, it is essentially a spa for your jewelry. The rhodium is adhered to the jewelry via electrolysis after polishing and voila, a beautiful (new-looking) piece of jewelry.

As promised, when my customer came to pick up her set, she was so impressed and delighted; she said that she was planning to go get a manicure so that her nails looked as great as her rings. I did not realize that many customers do not know the difference between platinum and white gold in terms of restoration and maintenance. While platinum is a dense metal, it does take dings readily. Fortunately, it can be polished and brought back to a shiny state. With white gold, since it comes out of the ground as yellow gold, it must be combined with other precious white metal allows in order to turn it white. It can definitely be polished, but then must be rhodium plated to get back to a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Lastly, if you bring your rings in for polishing, cleaning, and restoration, it gives us an opportunity to check all of your prongs to ensure that nothing is loose and all is secure. I liken it to a car. If you spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a new car and then never change the oil, eventually, you will have ruined the car or it will certainly have a great chance for damage and loss.

So, moral of the story today, please bring your most prized possessions into Herzog’s and let us keep everything in tip top condition for you. In addition, always make sure that you are up to date with your insurance company so that the value of your jewelry is current should replacement be a necessary consequence of loss or theft. Hope to see you soon!