The Power of Love

The Power of Love

The Power of Love

The Power of Social Media and Power of a Love that Was Meant to Be

The power of social media is really incredible. I just had a client who stopped in to take a look at engagement rings. Her fiancé gave her a family ring and the setting is quite old, so she wants something a bit more current and that will suit her style.

I asked her how she met and she said that they actually dated when she was in high school. They were supposed to go to a dance together, but once he found out that she was only 16, he did not go with her. They went their separate ways and got married to other spouses, had children, got divorced and then once again, were single. She decided to go back to her maiden name and put herself on Face Book. Her (now) fiance saw her name, and sent her a message and then they decided to meet for lunch.

She said it was as if they just picked up where they left off 40 years ago. She was looking for a ring that would have somewhat of a vintage feel, but with a modern flair and something that she could wear in a bakery. We decided that a bit of a wider band with a beautiful profile is the way to go. Her ring will be something to showcase the family diamond, but without a halo and not a lot of extra diamonds. After all, while I am sure that it might be fun to find a diamond in the cake you are biting into, it may raise some questions. As I told her, we do guarantee the loss of accent diamonds for a year after purchasing, but we definitely recommend getting your ring insured. Of course, since Ted is a Gemologist, we provide that important document with every purchase that is made at Herzog’s.

Another example of how everyone is looking for something totally different and every ring is as unique as the story of the love for which it represents.