For 94 years we have been custom crafting one of kind pieces for our customers.

We have the ability to make just about anything you can think of. We also will happily modify any of our existing styles or even make totally new models based entirely around your details and specifications.

We can take one of your older, existing items and use the stones to remount them into a new, unique work of art. It is also not an issue to take one of our current pieces and modify it to use your stones or to change the design to suit your personality. And finally, we can take a crazy idea or a sketch of a ring from a napkin and make it come to life. No idea is too small or too large for us to custom craft a one of kind item for you.

And don't be afraid of doing custom designs. It is typically not any more expensive than buying the item out of the showcase. And there are no surprises along the way. The way the process starts is that we sit down and listen to you. We figure out what you are looking for in the design and what you envision the end result will be.

After we have the understanding of your design, we will do a CAD rendering to show you. At this step your concept will materialize on paper and we can go over the details. At this time, we can make any changes to it or go ahead to the next stage.

Stage three is when we take the rendering and 3-D print the model. When the model is finished, we present your newly printed wax and you can try it on and inspect the design. This stage is important because your concept has come to life and you can actually try it on. From here, we can still do any adjustments to the design or start over from scratch. We are not satisfied until you love your design. When the design is perfect, we will then send it for casting and make the ring in your metal choice.

The finally step is taking your newly casted design and then setting the stones and presenting the finished piece to you. This is the best part because you get to see the end result of all of your thoughts and design. From this stage, your job is to wear and love your new, one of a kind design.

Don't settle for the ordinary,


We can provide:
  • Completely new models based entirely on customer specifications.
  • Refined sketches from our in design team
  • CAD renderings for customer approval
  • Immediate price quotes
  • Quick turnaround. Typical model takes from start to finish, approximately ten working days.